Times of Refreshing

Just finished my retreat for this year, took a couple of days off to just fast and pray and get direction for the year. I feel fantastic.

Last year ended on a low note kinda, with my Asherman’s diagnosis and Hubby’s low sperm count and then I was hit with the news that my sister in law planned to relocate and live with us.

I couldn’t bring myself to write and was very depressed. Felt like I couldn’t talk to hubby so I did the only thing I knew how, I prayed. Been praying and its been amazing right now I feel at peace. Things may not be exactly the way I want them to be but I know I’ll be fine. I found a strength that I had forgotten I owned. God is faithful.

I’m booked for my corrective surgery in a couple of days, and I start school for my graduate diploma next month. The sister in law is still in the honeymoon stage I’m hoping it stays this way.

Things are looking up 🙂
Would love to hear from you guys, how’s 2012 shaping up for you?

Happy New Year!

Hope you’ve all been great. Sorry I dropped of the face of the earth for a bit I’m back and better will give you all the gist soon.
What has everyone been up to and what are your plans for the new year?
I for one promise to update my blog at least twice a week no more long disappearances 🙂