Great News!

So I got some fantastic news, from my last post I’m sure you could tell that I was battling depression and I had just about had it with all the reports of ‘doom’ from the doctors about us not being able to conceive.  I had a hysteroscopy done on the 6th of March and was asked to come in for a follow up on the 13th.  So I get to the hospital and my regular gynaecologist  had gone on leave so I saw  a different one.  She gave me an all clear, saying that the adhesions aware not as bad as they looked  in the HSG ! Bottom line is we can start trying right away 🙂

Now that we’ve been given the all clear I have decided not to think about TTC anymore, children will come when they will. We’ve done all we can to fix whatever was wrong so all we can do now is relax and let God be God.