100 Things Part1

This is the first part of my 100 Things that make me happy series, if you want to know where I got the inspiration from see my post here https://isokenalfa.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/100-things-i-love/
Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’m enjoying putting it togehther 🙂


My husband, the most important person in my life, my heart, my soulmate, best friend, lover, number 1 cheer leader. He’s the person who can annoy me the most, but he is also the person who makes me the happiest.

2. image-2
I love books! The very first book I owned was ‘Adventures of Splodge Pig’ by Sally Sherrignham, my Mum got it for me when I was five. The ability to just soak my self in an alternate reality is amazing. Now when I say books I mean real books not the new fangled e-books, the feel of paper in my hands cannot be replaced 😉

3. image-3

Nothing beats a cold coke. Nothing! #thatisall

4. image

Music soothes my soul

5. image-1

Weddings always give me joy, I’m a fiend when it comes to planning weddings all my friends take advantage of me but i love doing it.

6. image-1

Chocolate cake is known to cure all ailments known to man- says me 😀

7. image

Nothing like lingerie to make me smile, with the right lingerie I can face anything the day throws at me.

8. image-4

Repeat after me “We are never to OLD for disney”. That’s right.

9. image-6

Cooking gives me great joy, I grew up in a house where meal times were the best times. Feeding people gives me a lot of pleasure.


Shoes make me happy all the time. Fail safe present for any occasion.

So that’s it it people, my 1st installment phew!
All the pictures were taken from http://www.weheartit.com


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