Rambling thoughts

How was fathers day? Spent the day playing nurse as the Hubby was (still is)down with the flu. Sent messages to all the fathers I know except mine. I toyed with the idea of calling him but then I figured he has been absent for so long what’s the point? Hopefully this time next year we’ll have a Fathers day celebration in our home.

Was in the market on Friday and I noticed most of the women had white powder dabbed on their faces and necks. I wondered what was going on and I remembered its a tradition that if someone in the market has a baby all the women put baby powder on their faces in celebration. I took me back to when I used to help out my granny in her stall in the market. The women would gossip about who refused the offered powder and wonder if the person had a grudge with the new mother. I wonder who started the tradition and what it’s supposed to signify?

Been seeing random discussions on twitter lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of young people want to be ‘married’ but none of them are quiet ready to be wives or husbands. All you hear them talk about is their expectations of what they want the other person to do for them. It’s like no one is telling them it’s a give and take relationship, not a “if you don’t fulfil my needs I’m walking out” kind of relationship le sigh! That’s a topic for another post if I ever get my lazy self to actually write it.

Inspired by so many people  I’ve decided to try the Insanity Workout. Hubby is very fired up about it and I’m hoping we can go through the 60 days without quitting. Will try and keep you all updated.

Have a great week people! Kisses