100 Things Part 2

Hey people, I’m sorry for the late post,my Mac has been acting up and apparently you can’t upoload pictures with an iPad on wordpress. Thankfully I’ve sorted out the issues 🙂 How have you all been? I’ve been fantastic loads of positive stuff happening will blog about them real soon. In the meantime here is the second part of my 100 things……….enjoy!

11. image-14

You’ve got to love Sheldon and the gang. This is one series I never get tired of watching, I’m sure i have memorized the whole first season by heart.

12. image-11

My Mom knows just how to make me smile, she can be very annoying sometimes, but for the most part she is amazing

13. image-9

There’s something soothing about burning incense,it calms me in ways I cant explain. Coming home after a long day and walking into my room with its familiar smell is very welcoming.

14. image-13

The shower concert! I almost always sing in the shower, in my mind thats my Madison Square Garden and my husband represents my adoring fans, though he always makes comments like “God knows I didn’t marry you for your singing”. I couldn’t care less :p

15. image-8

This picture says it all 😀 *happy sigh*

16. image-2

I’m sure you saw this coming yes the ‘force’ is strong with this one

17. image-17

I love the rain, it just reminds me of new beginnings plus its major cuddle weather 😉

18. image-10

So rainy days and hookah go hand in hand. I like to relax on my balcony watch cars drive by and just smoke my shisha

19. Kasham Fotos 1052

Henna is beautiful, whenever I get the chance I get a henna tattoo done. The designs are so intricate and the fact that i can change them when the dye wears off is just great.

20. image-15

So I had to put Star Trek and Star Wars in the same post. I sincerely hope that when I have kids they are trekkies just like me.

Whew! So thats it for the second set, I promise the next one won’t take so long. I’m still trying out different themes to get one that I feel really suits the blog so don’t be alarmed at the changes, feel free to let me know if theres a particular look you prefer. Hope the rest of your week goes great 😀 I will leave you with a picture of one of my favorite scenes from BBT hope it makes you smile.

*pictures were gotten from http://www.weheartit.com and my personal collection

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