Fingers Crossed.

“Let’s do a pregnancy test.” Me blank stare. But you really can’t argue with your doctor can you? Turns out the doctor knew what she was on about. Yes we were are pregnant because apparently I’ve been having a miscarriage and I had no idea.

I will know by tomorrow if the pregnancy is still ‘viable’. But right now I’m over the moon because I had been told there was no way we could get pregnant without help and here we are 🙂 this feels like ten steps forward.

Whatever the outcome tomorrow, the future looks good and I am truly grateful

Changing the world with a piece of Chalk.


Teaching is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do ever. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to teach. All our nannies were my first students. I remember coming home and bringing out my books everything I learned at school they learnt with me.

I grew up and had what I like to call the ‘curse of the talented’ I wanted to do everything just becauseI knew I could. I was on my way to high flying career in with an international organisation and then love happened. All of a sudden my priorities changed, I wanted to raise a family and all my dreams of being a world changing crusader seemed to come to and end. At some point shortly after my marriage I went through an identity crises I couldn’t figure out how to be a wife and still do all the things I dreamed of. My amazing husband said to me why don’t you try to teach.

Now teaching has somehow lost its allure it didn’t seem as glamorous compared to all the other options I had. But I listened and I’m so grateful I did. Every day I walk into class and I see light in my children’s eyes when they see me, or the wonder on their faces when they finally understand something, the honesty in their expressions and the unconditional love and trust they place in me, I feel blessed.

There are days when I feel frustrated because I realise that I truly can’t fix everything. Days that I just feel like grabbing a parent and shaking some sense into them because they’re doing something that’s affecting their child. But those days aren’t many. The realization everyday I make a difference, with a smile, a nod, a pat on the back, a rebuke, a hug. I am shaping little boys and little girls, giving them confidence and helping them discover who they truly are.

I may not be volunteering in a worn torn area, I might not be a policy shaper in government, I may not be a top female executive inspiring women and making loads of money I can donate to charity. But I am doing my bit, to make a difference in this world, one child at a time 🙂