Monday Blues

Today is one of those days that I woke up and dont  feel good, but I can’t figure out what exactly is wrong. Ramadhan was great, this weekend was a whirlwind of activities so maybe I’m just feeling the let down that comes with the withdrawal of all that andrenaline.

I’ve embarked on a sort of spiritual journey, will create a separate page for those posts (if I ever get round to blogging about them that is)I have begun to ask questions about my faith that I never thought to ask. It’s been scary especially the fact that I feel like the outcome an be only two extremes I either stop believing in God entirely or my faith is strengthened to a point where it’s unshakable. So I guess it’s worth a try.

On the baby front, turns out we were pregnant(yay) but then I did miscarry so we have started tests all over again. I’m not bugging about it though. We started looking at adoption as a real option, it something we’ve both always wanted to do but we figured that would be later in our plan. Turns out its amazingly difficult to adopt legally in my country. There are lots of shady people though who are willing to offer you a baby for a price. When we do decide to adopt it will be a struggle.

Here’s a question for you guys, do you think men are naturally polygamous? Had some friends over and it was a hot topic, would love to hear your views. Have a great week

Times of Refreshing

Just finished my retreat for this year, took a couple of days off to just fast and pray and get direction for the year. I feel fantastic.

Last year ended on a low note kinda, with my Asherman’s diagnosis and Hubby’s low sperm count and then I was hit with the news that my sister in law planned to relocate and live with us.

I couldn’t bring myself to write and was very depressed. Felt like I couldn’t talk to hubby so I did the only thing I knew how, I prayed. Been praying and its been amazing right now I feel at peace. Things may not be exactly the way I want them to be but I know I’ll be fine. I found a strength that I had forgotten I owned. God is faithful.

I’m booked for my corrective surgery in a couple of days, and I start school for my graduate diploma next month. The sister in law is still in the honeymoon stage I’m hoping it stays this way.

Things are looking up 🙂
Would love to hear from you guys, how’s 2012 shaping up for you?