The Grinch who stole Christmas

It all started with Sallah. This morning I asked hubby if he wanted me to do anything special for Sallah besides cooking the regular rice and fried meat, at first he was like nothing then he proceeded to add 4 extra dishes to the original menu I gave him. While we were talking I casually mentioned that I already had my Christmas lunch menu sorted and that’s how the topic changed.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I’ve always dreamed of how my family would celebrate Christmas and how it would be fun creating my own family traditions. My earliest memories have been of my dad in his white shorts making ukodo (yam peppersoup) Christmas morning, then going to church in the new ‘Cinderella’dress and the shiny black patent leather shoes that was bought specially for christmas. As I grew older christmas became synonymous with work. Coming from a lagre family when everyone gets together you’re looking at cooking for about 50 people give or take. All the girls were recruited in the cooking force, so far you were old enough to be sent on an errand you were useful even if it’s only to pass maggi or salt. And we would make loads of food, like there was an unwritten rule that you must cook every kind of food, three different types of rice, stew, moi moi, plantain, coleslaw, salad, all kinds of meat and fish not forgetting the ‘christmas’ chicken. Generally the kind of feast that would put those medevial feasts to shame.all this merry making of course will be swiftly followed by a dish washing spree and if you were unlucky to be among the youngest (which I was) you were saddled with the responsibility. To this day I hate doing the dishes.

Anyways I digress. So I want a Christmas tree with presents underneath and hubby thinks it’s unrealistic, un Nigerian and based in pagan culture!  We went back and forth for a while but then I decided to let it go. I figured that in our marriage and with our different faiths a Christmas tree is a small thing to give up, because there will be other important issues that I’d want to score points. He wants the kids to be raised as Muslims so I’m guessing he doesn’t want us starting traditions that would confuse them. He said we can have a tree but no presents under the tree! I don’t understand it but I’ve accepted it. I knew when I agreed to marry him that I would have to make compromises but it feels like part of the charm of Christmas is gone for me.
I’m sure I’ll get my Christmas spirit back before December , but till then my hubby holds the title of the Grinch 🙂


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