I’ve been too emotional to write anything thee past couple of days, so much has been going on and things came to a head this evening, hubby and I got into a huge fight and I just feel like I want to throw something and scream.

How much is too much as regards in laws cause I feel like our families are choking our marriage. We both have huge financial responsibilities towards our families and I’m beginning to feel like if we are not careful we won’t be able to save anything for ourselves of have proper plans for the future. I’ve been trying to think of a tactful way to talk about the issue but it all came out this evening. Hubby just kept saying I shouldn’t complain because God keeps blessing us as we give, I’m not complaining I just feel we should at least have savings for ourselves and once in a while be able to treat ourselves to something nice.

I’m not a selfish person neither am I unreasonable, but we can’t take care of our families and grow at the same time, we need to have money to invest and also save for the rainy days! I’ve explained to my folks that they should please give us some time to settle and I made it clear that I won’t be able to send as much money home as I used to for a while, is it too much to ask my hubby to tell his folks the same?

I’m sorry for the rant, I’m just really upset about the whole thing. Maybe I could have handled it better. What do you think? /p>


2 thoughts on “Rant!

  1. Sorry to hear that dear. This is also an issue between myself and my hubby. His family is heavily dependent on him and he saves little to nothing. I recently found out that our joint savings has been wiped off… let me not even start. I have forgiven him from my heart and have asked that he pay every single penny back and of course I am not saving with him for now. It is something I of course would like us to resolve in the future and save together but we really do have different views on finances.

    My advice to you is to not talk/argue/complain/moan about him giving finances to his family anymore, carry on making suggestions about dinners etc that requires spending money, if he says he doesn’t have then ask him how come? His response will always be his family, it won’t take long for him to see where the bulk of his money is going also, when he sees that you also have family financial responsibilities and yet do not talk or moan about them, he himself will start seeing his own family as a financial burden. Trust me, the more you moan about it the more defensive he will get and carry on doing it. Please keep quiet on the issue for about 3 months and resolve to pray and ask God to give him insight into how he manages his home and finances.

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