Full disclosure: Yay or Nay?

Today is ‘Date Night’ yay! Or I should say evening cause there’s a game on at 7.30 tonight that hubby cannot miss so we’re going to watch the 4pm ‘Conan the Barbarian’ and we’ll get an early dinner afterwards.It’s been a rough couple of weeks for us cause we’ve been running low on finances (hubby is the primary provider for his family) and he’s been stressed bout cash for a while so this is a treat for us as we haven’t been able to do this for about 2 months now.

I can’t wait till I get a job and start chipping in although hubby has very traditional views on who the provider in our home should be. He is very “my money is our money and your money is your money” about our finances. Which isn’t a bad thing in itself but I know that right now an extra income would be more than welcome in our household. Finance is always a tricky issue in any relationship, but I think we’ve found our groove we don’t have joint accounts but we both know our respective income. We plan and budget together and basically it’s almost as bad as we almost can’t surprise each other with gifts cause the other person would be like ” what did you do with that money?”

People have advised both of us to be less open about our finances to each other, hubby especially. Saying things like “your wife should’nt know how much you earn” or ” your wife shouldn’t know what you give your family” . And I wonder the rational for such advice, I believe with full disclosure there’s less room for distrust. I heard a story of a man who paid rent for 10 years only to discover his wife owned the building! How do you recover from that kind of deception?

I am a firm believer in do what works for you so I’m curious to known your views on the issue

4 thoughts on “Full disclosure: Yay or Nay?

  1. I agree with Dave Ramsey on this one- if you have separate finances within a marriage put a divorce attorney on retainer. The advice your husband is being given is in consideration of the “what if” your marriage doesn’t last a lifetime. What is so wrong with complete disclosure and accountability to eachother if you believe you’ll be together forever? I view my marriage as a team, and we have a game plan, just like you two create your budget together. It sounds like you’re on a good and trusting path; don’t listen to the cynics.

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  3. I have to say that I would be a little of worried of those telling my husband (or my boyfriend in my case) that “your wife shouldnt know…”. Full disclosure is everything. WIthout trust there is no relationship. I think that you guys are doing a great job by being open and planning a budget together. Everything (to me) should be a team effort.

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